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Joining Arabic Calligraphers S.A means that you join our family, no matter where you are in South Africa. Lookout for our launch event details in the upcoming few days to know more. Everything will be revealed at this grand event , InshaAllah


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Seas of Ink updated 7th nov

our launch event

Seas of Ink – An Arabic calligraphy experience 2 – 7th December 2019

Arabic Calligraphers South Africa is pleased to announce our first Arabic Calligraphy exhibition. In conjunction with Jam’eyyatul Qurra’s (JEQ) 50th anniversary celebration (30 November – 7th December), Seas of Ink – an Arabic calligraphy experience will be showcased. 


Come and join us in witnessing the masters in action, where you can have the opportunity to learn directly from them. Haji Noor Deen (Mi Guang Jiang and wife Fatima Cao Yiying from China, Refik Carikci from Turkey, Sh Abdel Hamid Sallam from Egypt, and Muhammad Hobe from South Africa will showcase their unique artworks at the JEQ main campus in schaapkraal. 


Read more here… 


About us

The Arabic Calligraphers South Africa (ACSA) was founded informally in 2018 by a group of calligraphy enthusiasts. Members were originally participants of an 8 part workshop series on Arabic Calligraphy in the Naskh style run by Faheem Rhoda Jackson in Cape Town. A number of dedicated members have followed up the course with the 100 day calligraphy challenge, and through this exercise a need arose to further develop a more comprehensive program for serious aspiring calligraphers. Since there is no guild for Arabic Calligraphy in South Africa, ACSA was born.


Vision:  Revive the ancient art of Arabic calligraphy

Mission: To train up calligraphers to masters level


Core Values 

  1. Focus on the traditional Arabic Calligraphic scripts
  2. Practice high ethical standards
  3. Respect, protect and promote the Islamic calligraphic traditions


  1. Recruit master calligraphers who specialise in the traditional scripts to mentor members.
  2. Develop further interest in calligraphy via its supporting book arts i.e ebru, tezhip zakhrarif (geometric or other design)

Our Goals 

  1. Establish a centre from which we will operate
  2. Offer Mentorship program for members
  3. Run Beginner courses, workshops and events to general  public
  4. Make Arabic calligraphy a viable option accessible to youth which is a calming and spiritually uplifting tool to balance their lives and as a coping mechanism for life’s stresses and strains.
  5. Establish national and international networks with goverment or non-governmental organisations or institutions which share similar objectives i.e IRCICA
  6. Participate in local and international arena (calligraphy exhibitions, competitions)
  7. Arrange exchange programs and scholarships
  8. Develop a unique South African script




A Hilya – calligraphic tribute to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Our official partner


First group of 100 day challengers.

ustad Refiq

Ustad Refik Carikci from Turkey, one of our mentors.

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